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Niki (Nihachu)

Fact File

Profession – Youtube Content Creator

Subscribers – 1.42 million (29 million views) - 1.9 Million Instagram Followers

Niki is a well-known twitch streamer/youtuber from Germany whose content focuses on gameplay. Due to Niki having a very sedentary job, our goal was to improve her all round fitness.

Niki has lost over a stone and a half, improved her diet, improved cardiovascular fitness, recovery rate and strength by completely changing her lifestyle. Niki is always great fun to train and I love hearing about all the incredible things she gets up to. Being recorded playing hide and seek in Selfridges to having lunch with David Beckham is only a few of the amazing things I get to hear about.

Look out for Niki on YouTube if you’re a big fan of MineCraft and keep an eye on my Instagram @TyPaulPTBrighton for up to date progress we make!

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