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Join one of our elite pilates classes taught by our specialist coach Martha.

These small groups or one on one sessions are tailored to each client and provide a uniquely focused approach that allows for maximum results and prevents injury risks.

Inspired by holistic therapies such as hydrotherapy and breath work, pilates is a key building block of health and wellness for everyone. We can build you from basic levels of fitness and all ages will benefit greatly from these skills.

We highly recommend these weekend sessions as a backdrop to other forms of exercise you may be undertaking as they provide focused core strength and are ideal to slot into your weekends outside of any weekday workouts.

As specialists in rehabilitation we know all too well how important core strength and stability is to ensure you have good form when working out and aren't doing your body more harm than good. Investing in these classes is a key building block to sustained fitness success.

Classes are taught by our specialist coach Martha on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • 1:1 - £50 1 hour personal pilates class

  • 1:2 - £55 1 hour couples session.

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